Monthly Archive: February 2017

Soft Skill Event 2017

We are pleased to announce Soft Skills Event 2017. Two speakers will train us to improve networking and presentation skills in science. Yougn researchers and (BSc, Msc and PhD) students are welcome to join!! Date...

BioSB course Quantitative and Predictive Modeling

Date June 26 – 30 2017, in Wageningen, Registration is not open!! enrollment form  Venue Wageningen UR, FORUM building (room C0211, practicals in room PC0629) Route & travel information Tutors Jaap Molenaar (WUR), Natal...


Employability Outside Academia in Utrecht

The majority of PhD’s and Postdocs will pursuit a career outside academia, but making this transition can be quite a challenge. Why? Because the way PhD’s present themselves often do not correspond with what...


BioSB Course Programming in Matlab

Date 13 March 2017 Location Wageningen Course coordinators Hans Stigter (WUR), Celia van Gelder (BioSB, Goal The main goal of this course is to get acquainted with Matlab software for use within Systems...


Bioinformatics Internship at KeyGene

Keygene has two open internship positions for BSc and MSc student in bioinformatics. Please check their website from for details.