Board members

joske President: Joske Ubels
Joske is a PhD student at the Center for Molecular Medicine at the UMC Utrecht, the Erasmus MC Cancer Institute and SkylineDx in Rotterdam. Her work focuses on developing novel algorithms to analyse large gene expression datasets, in order to discover biomarkers or gene signatures that can help predicting treatment response in cancer patients.
mirella Secretary: Mirella Kalafati
Mirella is a PhD student at the department of Bioinformatics – BiGCaT in Maastricht University. She is working on the project: “Personalized risks for cardiovascular diseases: sub-typing obesity”, trying to better understand the biological heterogeneity of obesity, to improve and personalize cardiometabolic risk classification of obese individuals and provide novel targets for prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of cardiometabolic diseases in those obese who are ‘at risk’.
elisa Treasurer: Elisa Cirillo
Elisa is a PhD student at the Department of Bioinformatics-BiGCaT in Maastricht University. She is working on “Analysis and visualization of genetic variations in pathway analysis”. She applies network and pathway-based integrative systems biology approaches for the analysis of Genome Wide Association Studies. Moreover, she investigates visual features to display and integrate the genetic variants information in biological pathways, and to enhance their biological interpretation.
gosia Acquisition: Gosia Komor
Gosia is a PhD student at the Division of Diagnostic Oncology, Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam. She is working on proteogenomic approaches to identify tumor-specific biomarkers for early detection of colorectal cancer and to improve colorectal cancer screening test.
mirella PR: Kyoko Watanabe
Kyoko is a PhD student at the Department of Complex Trait Genetics of Centre for Neurogenomics and Cognitive Research at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. She is developing a pipeline to comprehensively annotate GWAS risk loci by incorporating various biological databases. She is also working on gene expression pattern in Brain to prioritize causal genes of psychiatric disorders.