BioSB PhD retreat 2016

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The RSG retreat 2016 preceding the Netherlands Bioinformatics and Systems Biology (BioSB) Conference 2016 was hosted in Lunteren, Netherlands, on 18 April, gathering 33 (PhD-) students and young professionals in bioinformatics and systems biology from all over the Netherlands.

Program overview
Saman Amini – Welcome and introduction to YoungCB
Keynote: Fiona Nielsen – “Why I left my job in genomics R&D – from bioinformatics scientist to entrepreneur”
Magali Michaut – “Rock Your Science: The importance of Soft-Skills
Flash presentations
Elisa Cirillo – “From SNPs to pathways: enhancing the biological interpretation of GWAS results”
Zandra Félix-Garza – “Characterization of the skin’s response to blue light exposure using a system biology approach”
Sander Tan – “Identification of the cis-regulatory elements in the primate brain epigenome”
Thies Gehrmann – “Homokaryon specific expression in the white button mushroom agaricus bisporus”
Workshop by Fiona Nielsen – “Genome sequencing projects around the world and how to find data for your research”
Keynote: Jonathan Karr – “My journey to whole-cell modeling”
Dinner and social activities