Employability Outside Academia in Utrecht

The majority of PhD’s and Postdocs will pursuit a career outside academia, but making this transition can be quite a challenge. Why? Because the way PhD’s present themselves often do not correspond with what non-academic employers expect. Based on a study on this discrepancy PCDI developed the course Employability outside Academia to bridge this gap and to increase your attractiveness.

However, to make the transition,you need to find out what you want, what possibilities outside academia suit you, and what is necessary to get there. The course will help you making the transition!

The course consists of three full-day session.

Day 1 –  13 March 2017
Day 2 –  10 April 2017
Day 3 –  22 May 2017  

Attendance of all three days are strongly recommended.

Please visit the website for detail and registration from http://www.pcdi.nl/events/employability-outside-academia