Opening positions

Dear young researcher,

The Regional Student Group is looking for someone who would like to represent the target group of the BioSB courses: PhD students. You will attend the Educational Committee meetings, held every 2 months (usually over Skype, sometimes in person, usually in Utrecht). We will also stay in contact with you, and occasionally we will invite you to our meetings to discuss the BioSB course portfolio and potential collaboration opportunities. If you’d like to be more involved in the RSG and also help organize events geared towards young researchers in bio-informatics and systems biology, you are welcome to become a full board member.

We are interested in PhD/MSc students who are enthusiastic about educational matters and would like to get involved in communication between the course organization of BioSB (the educational committee) and the representatives of the Dutch bio-informatics PhD students (the RSG).

If you are interested, you can find us at the BioSB PhD retreat (April 1) or during the BioSB 2019 (April 2-3) where you can ask current board members about this position.
If you want more information before that, please contact us via